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CIMCO Automation Group (CAG)

Meet the CIMCO Automation Group

Since its inception, the CIMCO Automation Group (CAG) has been at the forefront of automation technologies providing automatic microprocessor control solutions for our customers’ refrigeration plants. CAG designs and engineers microprocessor control technologies to deliver more energy efficiency and savings to industries dependent on sophisticated refrigeration systems, such as:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Cold storage and distribution
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Plastic extrusion and molding
  • Professional and Recreational ice rinks

Our automation engineers have extensive expertise in refrigeration plant control. They are in tune with the unique control requirements of refrigeration systems and can draw on over 100 years of refrigeration experience. This, combined with their expert knowledge of microprocessor control systems and comprehensive track record, ensures a cost-effective, energy-efficient automation system ideally suited to your plant control requirements. CAG engineers will evaluate your specific requirements and recommend the foremost control solution for your refrigeration application to maximize your return on investment.


5000E/ECO CHILL® Rink Projects



  • Chibougamou

  • LaPeche *

  • Mario Tremblay

  • Sherbrooke *

British Columbia:

  • McArthur Island Sports Centre, Kamloops


  • Teslin


Alberta: Lake Bonavista *


  • Gander Stadium Sports Complex

Manitoba: Parkland (Dauphin) *


  • Bloomington

  • Prescott Valley Youngstown

    * - ECO CHILL® Systems

Industrial/PLC Projects

    • Burnac Produce

    • Maidstone Bakeries
    • Western Grocers
    • Westco Cold Storage
    • Natrel Dairy
    • Kraft Cobourg

    • Produce Processors Limited
    • Sudbury District Energy Corporation
    • Sobey's East Distribution Centre
    • Nestle Confections and Snacks

    • McArthur River Mines
    • Parmalat Dairy
    • Presmex

    • XL Beef

    • Sunrise Poultry

    • Tradition Fine Foods

    • Bowling Green Metalforming
    • Modatek
    • Sonora Metalforming

    • Formex
    • Canada Bread
    • Qiaobo Beijing Indoor Ski Hill

Upcoming Industrial

  • Amtec Corporation
  • Olympic Sliding Center
  • Jilin Speed Skating Oval

Depth Through Variety
CAG has experience in programming and servicing a vast number of control systems including:


  • Version 2 - Turbo/Mini-Turbo/DCU
  • Version 3 - DCU/DSC/DAC


  • PLC2
  • PLC5
  • SLC500
  • ControlLogix
  • MicroLogix
  • CompactLogix


  • TSX Quantum
  • TSX Momentum


  • TI305/405

moeller- Easy 600/800


  • FA-1/FA-1-Jr
  • FA-2/FA-2-Jr
  • FA-3S


  • S7-200
  • S7-300
  • S5-115
  • S5-135
  • S5-155
  • Logo


  • DL105/205/305/405

Some Communication Protocols Used By Our Control Systems

  • Ethernet
  • BACnet
  • Controlnet
  • Devicenet
  • Profibus
  • Modbus
  • Rs485
  • Rs232

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

  • Allen-Bradley PanelView
  • Allen-Bradley Panelview Enhanced
  • Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus
  • Rockwell RSView32
  • Rockwell RSView Studio
  • Siemens OP7
  • Siemens OP10
  • Exor Uniop
  • graph/Igraphw/Orcaview

Rink Upgrades

For 3000E or 4000E customers upgrading to a 5000E can be accomplished quickly and easily. Existing panels and wiring can be re-used in most cases saving time and money. Upgrades are not limited to current customers of 3000E or 4000E systems. The CIMCO Automation Group has successfully replaced various control systems to improve system control and energy efficiencies. Many customers have already upgraded their system to the new platform.

Some of the many reasons for upgrading are:

  • Remote Access capability
  • Fast Ethernet communications
  • Native BACnet controller facilitating integration with building controls
  • Enhanced alarming capabilities including alphanumeric paging and e-mail/text messaging
  • Enhanced 3D Graphics improve operator system visibility
  • Improved equipment runtime tracking
  • Improved energy saving algorithms in equipment control
  • PC-Based Training Videos

5000E Upgrade Projects

  • Air Canada Centre
  • Rio Rancho
  • CANLAN Ice Sports - VIC Park
  • Pinecrest
  • City of Toronto West Outdoor Rinks (19 Rinks)

Industrial Upgrades

The CIMCO Automation Group has the experience to upgrade your control system to add new functionality and to increase system efficiencies. Whatever control system is in place, we can modify or retrofit to suit your needs.

Our CSA certified electrical control panel manufacturing facility builds custom and standard panels of  various sizes.

  • Relay Logic Cabinet
  • PLC and DDC Panels
  • Motor Control Centres
  • Variable Frequency Drives and Soft-Starts
  • Communication Panel
  • Custom Panels
  • UL and CE Approved Panels

To ensure that our manufacturing meets our customer stringent requirements, our engineering team is ready to custom design the panel and select all high quality products.

No panel leaves our facilities without our stringent testing and quality check.