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CIMCO Engineering Profile

The strength of CIMCO lies in its engineering staff. CIMCO’s engineering department includes more than 50 team members whose combined experience exceeds 500 years. This unparalleled expertise allows CIMCO’s professional engineers, technicians and designers to maintain a strong leadership position in the industrial refrigeration field.

The Company has developed a regional approach to its engineering while maintaining a strong central engineering group in Head Office to provide the resources required for major national and international projects. Central engineering develops company standards for equipment and design and has developed sophisticated electronic control systems for monitoring, control, and energy management. Moreover, as a Certificate of Authorization holder, CIMCO is able to provide consulting services.


Research and Development

CIMCO has continued its program of research and development to maintain its leadership in industrial refrigeration markets. The entire engineering group participates in monthly development sessions that explore both current and future technical issues in the industrial refrigeration industry. In addition, CIMCO has recently introduced ECO CHILL and ECO SENSE to meet industry requirements. These environmentally friendly systems use environmentally friendly refrigerants. An ECO CHILL system reclaims 100% of the heat that a conventional system rejects to the outdoors. This ‘free’ heat can then be used to heat the building as an energy conserving option. An ECO SENSE controller provides intelligent management and control of the total HVAC & R system to accommodate specific requirements or activities.

Computer Programs

The Engineering Department has capitalized on their expertise by developing a large portfolio of software to optimize the design of systems, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers. This software ensures the industrial refrigeration systems that CIMCO designs all meet the same high standards.

Engineering drawings are produced using AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical, Solidworks and Revit. Our North American networked data system allows instantaneous transfer of these drawings and bills of materials between Head Office and District Engineering operations. In addition, we constantly update our network with the latest versions of our supplier’s computerized selection programs, allowing quick and accurate optimization of equipment selection.

CIMCO Manufacturing utilizes computer programs developed by AspenTech B-JAC Computer Services. B-JAC provides engineering research and computer software services directed at the thermal and mechanical design of shell and tube and air cooled heat exchangers. The thermal and mechanical software provides the design of all classes of heat exchangers, including mechanical design, instantaneous pricing, as well as general arrangement and detail drawings. The B-JAC software is complemented by access to HTFS and HTRI, as well as numerous software programs developed in-house by our experienced staff of thermal and mechanical engineering specialists.

CIMCO engineers have been at the forefront of designing direct digital control (DDC) systems and programmable logic controllers (PLC) that are used in both packaged process units and field erected systems. This has involved in-house development of first-time applications, as well as integrating third party software into our custom designed control packages.