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CIMCO Refrigeration offers a financing option for clients that require alternative funding to finance their acquisition of refrigeration and refrigeration related equipment. This funding is available to both municipalities and private sector clients.

Whether the investment is for a new development or renovations to an existing facility, and whether the investment is for recreational or industrial facilities, CIMCO can provide a financing alternative. CIMCO can also provide incremental funding to facilitate investment in CIMCO’s ECO CHILL technologies. CIMCO’s financing will allow clients to invest in state-of-the-art, energy efficient, green technologies without stretching capital or operating budgets.


CIMCO’s financing option allows you to preserve your working capital and tailor payments to suit your specific requirements. Repayment options can include;

  • Seasonal Payments
  • Step (Up or Down) Payments
  • Annual or Quarterly Payments
  • Deferred Payments

Check out our Things You Should Know section on CIMCO Financing for more details and complete the Financing Application today to learn how we can help you.