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Things You Should Know

Things you should know

  • Working Capital - available equity can be used to fund working capital requirements.
  • Low Initial Cost - a file set up fee plus one payment puts you in business.
  • Flexibility - the entire purchase price (excluding taxes) is eligible for financing, including soft costs such as engineering, installation, warranties, maintenance agreements and etcetera. This includes costs that become attached to or are the building. This financing is not limited to tangible personal property as is the case with conventional equipment financing.
  • Rates - lock in a rate now or have the rate fixed upon acceptance of your project... it’s up to you.
  • Term of Repayment - terms are generally available for up to 72 months. If the amount to be financed exceeds $1 million, longer terms may be available.
  • Budgeting Payments - within the parameters of the approved term, the amount and frequency of repayments can be tailored to your cash flow.
  • Increase the leverage of your investment - CIMCO financing provides another source of secondary funds separate from your initial capital funding and bank line of credit.
  • Fund conservation initiatives - CIMCO financing makes it much easier and more convenient to replace outdated technology with the new state of the art energy efficient equipment. Incremental equipment costs can be funded from estimated energy savings. Invest in the initiatives and fund from your existing operating budget. When the initial capital investment is repaid, continuing operating savings can fund other initiatives or increase your ROI.
  • Collateral - Typically the equipment is the only collateral needed for the investment.
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