Mayor Hazel McCallion Honours CIMCO

Last December, during a routine brine analysis, CIMCO mechanic Jamie Catalli noticed a high amount of ammonia in the brine charge at the Cawthra arena in the City of Mississauga. Upon further investigation it was confirmed that the chiller had failed and required immediate replacement. The City of Mississauga had a decision to make, either cancel the season or attempt a repair. The Cawthra arena is a main facility in Mississauga so a team led by Howie Dayton, Director of Recreation, challenged CIMCO to develop a solution that could be completed within three weeks. The CIMCO team of Harry Spiropoulos, Russ Bradley and Wayne Sorhaitz decided the best option was the difficult art of re-tubing. Luckily the CIMCO could lean on the father and son tandem of Frank and Dave Cammisuli who have the experience and patience to complete a job of this magnitude in such a short amount of time. Along with Frank and Dave, Jamie Catalli and James Parker worked day and night over the holidays replacing 500 tubes to get the job done. In the end CIMCO exceeded the City of Mississauga's expectations and the facility was fully back in operation in time for the New Year's tournaments.

This on its own is an impressive story, however what is different is the recognition CIMCO received from the City of Mississauga and its beloved Mayor, Hazel McCallion. She held a luncheon to recognize the CIMCO team of mechanics who worked round the clock to get the job done and was pleased that the citizens of Mississauga were able to reuse the facility is such a short amount of time.

Mayor 'Hazel' is a true model of leadership and a remarkable Canadian of whom we can all be proud. We thank her for her recognition of our efforts.

From left to right, back to front…Howie Dayton, Dave Cammisuli, Wayne Sorhaitz, David Fauser, Jamie Cattali, Harry Spiropoulos, Hazel McCallion, Russ Bradley. Missing Frank, Cammisuli and James Parker.