At CIMCO safety is our top priority. We have an implemented prestart safety review prior to starting any job, provide full safety committee, daily safety information bulletins sent to all employees, tail gate talks and regular safety meetings to review. We also regularly preform snap inspection our vehicles and jobsites. This helps insure our technicians are working in a safe manner at all times. Our employees are provided with safety glasses, fall arrest equipment, ear protection, feet protection, high voltage electrical gloves, gloves, lockout tags and locks. We know how important it is to our employees and our customers that we provide our employees with proper safety training and equipment,  as well as meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Labour to ensure the safety all.

Our employees are trained in:

  • Fall arrest
  • Lockout training
  • First Aid
  • Violence in the work place
  • Safe handling of refrigerants  

  • Lift training
  • Confined spaces
  • Accessibility for persons with disability