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DESICONTM...Today's Most Efficient, Cost Effective Desiccant System

DESICONTM is unsurpassed in its capability to absorb moisture from the air. Instead of condensing moisture like an air conditioner, the DESICONTM system removes moisture directly using a rugged, long-lasting desiccant rotor. The moisture is continuously removed from the desiccant and expelled directly outside. This process eliminates condensation, so no re-refrigeration is required. Your equipment can then run at maximum efficiency, reducing energy costs.

Whether your application is Meat Processing, Cold Storage or Process Freezing, a DESICONTM System will enable your refrigeration system to operate at maximum efficiency, and save expensive system capacity and energy dollars.

Before dehumidification
Before dehumidification
After dehumidification
After dehumidification

DESICONTM Dehumidification Benefits

  • Prevent condensation and food contamination hazards
  • Reduce washdown recovery time
  • Prevent process shutdowns and production delays
  • Safer environment for sanitary workers by preventing fog
  • Balanced pressure between processing rooms
  • Minimize defrost cycles
  • Reduce electrical cost
  • Stop frost/ice on conveyors and doors
  • Improved product quality and appearance
  • Promote a safer working environment
  • Maintain dry floors
  • Greater production capacity, less maintenance, and lower energy consumption.

DESICONTM dehumidifiers prevent moisture infiltration into low temperature spiral freezers by establishing dry air zones at conveyor openings. The dry air pressurizes these transitional areas to keep moisture from frosting the freezer evaporator coils. This design also prevents ice build-up in the freezer to avoid costly mechanical failures of conveyor and spiral drives. The dehumidifier allows consistent temperature control in the freezer and prevents unscheduled defrost that interrupts production flow.