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The Fishing Industry has changed significantly over the past few years and CIMCO has met the challenge with state of the art processing and control systems. We are constantly looking for new ways to affectively and efficiently freeze the products or provide the cooling medium.

Quality control is the name of the game as consumers demand first class products from the oceans of the world or from the ever-expanding aquaculture operations. From tuna to shrimp, CIMCO can supply and install the right system for your world class processing plant.

Type of systems we can provide are:

  • Ice makers and ice storage facilities.
  • Refrigerated sea water (RSW) systems.
  • Cold storage and holding coolers.
  • Spiral and linear belt freezers.
  • Horizontal or vertical plate freezer systems.
  • Plate and frame seawater chillers & condensers.
  • Shipping dock cooler rooms.
  • Desiccant dehumidification for refrigerated facilities.