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Mine Freezing


Mine Freezing

CIMCO has been involved in mining for more than 50 years. CIMCO has served this industry whenever there has been a need to freeze and stabilize the ground to allow drilling, to provide cool air in deep shafts for ventilation for the miners, or to lend operational expertise for refrigeration equipment.

In many areas of Canada there is the existence of glacial till, a water-bearing layer of clay, sand and stone, which is not stable. Additionally, found deeper underground is another material known as the Blairmore Formation, another mixture of sand, shale and water under a geological pressure of 700 psi.

If an attempt is made to excavate or drill through this Glacial Till or Blairmore layer, the materials can flow into the shaft in liquid condition and the excavation or shaft will collapse.


The Blairmore formation can be 400 feet thick and is generally found between 1000 feet and 2000 feet below the ground surface.

The solution has been to mechanically freeze the ground below the surface using a -40° F calcium chloride brine solution pumped through CIMCO chiller packages.

This technique has also been used by CIMCO in the construction of underground foundations for multi-story buildings and for airport runways.