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Packaged Refrigeration Systems

Packaged Refrigeration Systems

Many refrigeration plants are still field erected, but today’s trend is to shop-manufactured "packaged systems" that are shipped to site, requiring only electrical and piping services. Packaged systems, manufactured in a controlled environment, ensure higher standards of quality control and can reduce the overall project time-line, since fabrication can begin long before the site is ready to receive the equipment. Packaged plants from CIMCO are custom designed to match the application, providing serviceability while minimizing the overall footprint to keep space requirements and building costs low. Large systems are built in modules requiring the minimal number of on-site connections.

Depending on application, the system can be designed to use any refrigerant and features screw, reciprocating, rotary, centrifugal or oil-free compressors. There are many choices of equipment and it is in this area of design, engineering and manufacturing that the skill and experience of CIMCO’s refrigeration engineers are used to the benefit of our customers.

Products based on petroleum and natural gas that are manufactured by a chain of secondary processes all require refrigeration, compression, vapor recovery, or re-liquefaction. Synthetic fibers, rubbers, plastics, building materials and fertilizers all fall into this category. The automotive industry’s processes such as hydro-forming and plastic injection molding now use large quantities of filtered cooling water to achieve the high production rates required to remain competitive.

CIMCO’s expertise is applied in heat exchangers for the production of oxygen for the steel industry, gases for the welding industry, chlorine for the pulp and paper industry, PET bottle, plastic film and plastic molding production.