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Cooling Tower Systems

CIMCO offers a complete line of cooling tower designs, including centrifugal fan type for tight spaces and axial fan types with low fan motor horsepower for exceptional energy efficiency. Sizing starts at 25 tons and is available in groupings totaling over 5,000 tons.

Critical to achieving guaranteed performance, CIMCO supplies only "Cooling Tower Institute (CTI)"rated and approved towers and components for all its systems – new, retrofit or replacement.

CIMCO systems, from quality suppliers such as Evapco, include:

  • Standard open towers
  • Clean water "Barrier" cooling towers systems to protect equipment
  • Turnkey installations, including tower stands, tanks and plant piping

Many installations require and benefit from installing our Factory Mutual (FM) approved tower cells as a pre-requisite to qualify for lower plant insurance rates.

An important factor in long term reliability is serviceability. All CIMCO towers are available with handrails, ladder and safety cages, and even internal walkways, accessories that improve operator safety and shorten service time.

» Cooling Towers Model: FBT/IBT