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General Project Requirements

  • cool hydraulic oil heat exchangers
  • cool hi-tech laser spot welders
  • provide 500 tons of chilling capacity
  • provide 1,500 tons of cooling tower capacity

CIMCO Solution

  • Central PLC control
  • User-friendly remote monitoring from any PC station in the facility
  • Heat exchangers separate tower water from process water
  • Multi-stage water filter system cleans and reclaims all circuit water
  • Closed and pressurized chilled water system to reduce corrosion
  • Central PLC controls pump, chiller and tower operations
  • Low kilowatt per ton chillers
  • VFD (variable speed) chilled water pumps
  • Automatic water control valves at processes to limit water flow and pump demand
  • 250 ton R-134A screw compressor chillers with minimum moving parts
  • Large water storage to minimize on/off cycling of components
  • Standby pumps, chillers and towers
  • PLC rotates lead/lag pumps, chillers and towers for even wear and usage