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Injection Moulding

Technologically advanced system design which recognizes that:

  • Temperature fluctuations not acceptable.
  • Pressure fluctuations not acceptable.
  • Fouling of heat exchangers not acceptable.
  • Unsafe designs not acceptable.
  • Downtime not acceptable.
  • CIMCO System:
    • constant supply water temperature through properly designed pump and tank systems, adding temperature control valves for tightest control applications
    • VFD or constant speed "flat curve" pumps using flow control algorithyms keep tight control over plant pressures regardless of load
    • CIMCO Barrier Systems isolate dirty cooling tower water from plant water
    • CIMCO ESA and CE approved electrical systems.
    • Redundant modular systems eliminate upsets when a chiller, tower or pump requires service.
    • Connections and contingency plans made for emergency TOROMONT Rental Cooling Solutions.