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ECO CHILL® is an industry-leading solution for ice rinks that takes you one-step closer to a greener future while ensuring the best quality ice and user satisfaction.

Eco Chill allows you to re-purpose the energy removed from your ice sheet during operation and apply that energy to wherever you need heat within the building. By utilizing 100% heat recovery from the refrigeration system, it decreases your arena’s energy consumption and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, the Eco Chill system has the benefit of reduced refrigerant charge and leaks.

Its modular nature allows the designer to choose those components that best match the needs of your facility - be that of a new design or retrofit.

If you are committed to a brighter future, it is time to move towards net neutrality and see what Eco Chill can do for your ice rink.

Read more about Eco Chill here.

“We currently, operate 6 buildings, with the newest using a Cimco Eco Chill package. With the eco chill package we have noticed an ease of operations for our managers, as well as cost savings. We love the features, and would like to upgrade the rest of our systems for these reasons.” [Ted Less, Chiller Ice Rinks].
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