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ECO CHILL® is also modular in nature, allowing the designer to choose those components that best match the needs of your facility, be that of a NEW design or retrofit. In all cases, quality ice is the number one priority of an ECO CHILL® system, ensuring your facility users' satisfaction while you benefit from greatly reduced energy costs, lowered greenhouse gas emissions and reduced life cycle costs for your entire facility.

Join the growing list of satisfied owners and investigate how ECO CHILL® can contribute to the health of the environment - and your bottom line.

“We currently, operate 6 buildings, with the newest using a Cimco Eco Chill package. With the eco chill package we have noticed an ease of operations for our managers, as well as cost savings. We love the features, and would like to upgrade the rest of our systems for these reasons.” [Ted Less, Chiller Ice Rinks].
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