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CIMCO’s ECO SENSETM is the skating industry’s most sophisticated ice temperature controller for single or multi-pad facilities. ECO SENSETM incorporates all the features of the industry standard 5000E, plus the technology to drive the ECO CHILL® "heat reclaim design". Using a CIMCO infra-red camera mounted above the ice surface, the ECO SENSETM controller constantly reads the ice surface temperature and relays the information to a computer, which regulates the entire refrigeration system (including brine pumps). It combines every function necessary for superior management of the refrigeration system, ensuring the highest quality ice surface at the lowest possible cost.


  • Sophisticated programming is designed to extract maximum efficiency from all components of the refrigeration plant
  • Controller regulates all aspects of the refrigeration system, including brine pumps, compressors, condensers, leak detection and exhaust systems
  • Computerized trend logging of all system data, including ice temperature, brine temperature, motor status, etc.
  • Capability to comprehensively control all building management of HVAC equipment, including boilers, air handling equipment, lighting, etc.
  • Based on a NATIVE BACNET controller. BACNET is an industry standard that allows direct communication with 3rd party HVAC control systems
  • Ice temperature setpoints for any number of individual ice surfaces are user-programmable for game time, night setback and normal day operation
  • Ethernet connectivity allows 24/7 remote technical support and training with internet or dial-up access. Using internet or dial access, CIMCO’s Automation Group can upgrade the control program and graphics interface
  • Customized 3-D graphic displays to match the individual system configuration
  • State-of-the-art Flash Memory with real-time clock/calendar, multiple weekly games/event schedules
  • Optional multi-user interface via TCP/IP
  • Customizable alarm-routing using hard-wired alarms, alphanumeric pager, e-mail and text messaging.
  • Options for energy management include: "time-of-day" metering control, Dispatch and Pre-dispatch electrical pricing structure