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Solutions for Net Zero Emissions

Governments across the globe have set ambitious goals to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The job of arena operators and facility managers is also rapidly changing. There are increasing demands to lower operating cost and provide greater accuracy in budgeting while meeting municipal “Green” Environmental goals and safety targets.

Advancement in technology and connectivity is allowing us to have a deeper understanding of product function to improve and maximize performance and output. From our signature green technology that's cost-effective and built to last, to our innovative range of customizable and energy-efficient options, CIMCO provides you with a suite of tools and expertise you need to reach net-zero emissions. 

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Compact desiccant dehumidifier designed to operate efficiently and effectively remove moisture

Smart Rink Dry
Alfa Laval Smart desuperheater

An industrial desuperheater that provides very high grade heat

Alfa Laval Smart Heat
smart contain

A Plate and Frame condenser which lowers ammonia charge and water usage.

Alfa Laval Smart Contain

mycom smart m

A reciprocating compressor that uses less horsepower per ton of refrigeration than comparable units

Mycom Smart M
smart condense

An evaporative condenser designed for easy maintenance and decreased water and electricity usage

Evapco Smart Condense
smart turn

Chiller package that reduces ammonia charge and increases efficiency through innovative U-turn surge drum

Alfa Laval Smart Turn

smart hub

Provides high level intelligence to a Smart Rink Connect system through an easy to use and intuitive user interface

CIMCO Smart Hub