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Alfa Laval Smart Turn

Alfa Laval Smart Turn

The Alfa Laval Smart Turn enhances the safety of your facility by reducing the refrigerant charge.

It’s like having an employee monitoring your engine room, letting you know when it is time to drain oil, reporting fluid levels, and optimizing the suction pressures.

Product Description: A rink chiller package that reduces ammonia charge and increases efficiency through innovative U-turn surge drum.

Standard Model

  • 80-100HP
  • 110-140HP
  • 150HP
  • 180-200HP

Custom available upon request

  • Awareness of fluid levels
  • Saves electricity
  • Up-gradable for freeze point protection
  • Identifies pump/flow issues
  • Reduces ammonia charge
  • Notification of oil drainage
  • SOP for maintenance
  • Identifies leaks 

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