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Evapco Smart Condense

Evapco Smart Condense

The Evapco Smart Condense is the most environmentally responsible evaporative condenser available.

It monitors water consumption, provides feedback on overall condenser operation, and notifies the user about maintenance requirements.

Product Description: An evaporative condenser designed for easy maintenance and decreased water and electricity usage.

Standard Model

  • 80-100HP
  • 110-140HP
  • 150HP
  • 180-200HP

Custom available upon request

  • Always runs at optimum conditions
  • Trending, notification of unusual operating conditions
  • Automatically moves from winter to summer modes
  • Calculates waste heat rejection
  • Monitors water consumption
  • No Condenser freezing
  • Push notifications for maintenance
  • Early detection of parts failure
  • SOP on condenser operation and maintenance

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