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Smart Contain

Alfa Laval Smart Contain

The Alfa Laval Smart Contain is the single most effective component you can add to your system to reduce refrigeration charge.

With an Alfa Laval Smart Contain, all of the refrigerant will be within the refrigeration room. Systems with a Smart Contain can lower the overall charge by 70% – reducing risk, increasing safety and improving efficiency.

The onboard intelligence will continually monitor how efficiently the unit is operating and provide early warning of issues.

Product Description: A Plate and Frame condenser which lowers ammonia charge and water usage.

Standard Model 

  • 80-100HP
  • 110-140HP
  • 150HP
  • 180-200HP

Custom available upon request


  • Available heat recovery
  • Floating head pressure
  • Potential elimination of water
  • No freezing of condenser
  • Plates are longer more industrial
  • Less water treatment

  • Ammonia contained in the room

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