Product and Services

Our Product and Services

Available in Ammonia or non-CFC models, ranging from 50 to 300 tons (900Kcal) refrigeration, in single and multiple compressor packages.

A low silhouette model for smaller applications, i.e. six sheets of curling or a small ice skating surface. Multiple Rink-Paks in parallel can be used for larger capacities, such as hockey rinks. Available in sizes up to 25 tons (75Kcal) refrigeration.

High performance dehumidifiers, specially designed to enhance the arena environment by eliminating all fog and drip. A properly designed system significantly reduces building maintenance and operating costs.


The Ed Meagher Arena at Concordia University, which had been in use since 1967, was long overdue for a facelift. The main renovations planned for the arena included a complete upgrade of the refrigeration system and an entirely new rink surface. With today’s concern for the environment, energy efficiency and safety, a CO2 refrigeration system was under strong consideration, as CO2 is now recognized as a much superior option over all synthetic refrigerants. It is natural, non-toxic, non-flammable with no net greenhouse effect. CIMCO’s vast experience and expertise combined with its exclusive, patented CO2 technologies for ice rinks and other recreational applications enabled us to successfully secure this project.

The refrigeration system recommended by CIMCO for Concordia was a “direct CO2 system”, where the CO2 is circulated within the refrigerated floor slab. It is a Transcritical CO2 system, meaning that there is no condensation, rather, the refrigerant leaves the compressor as a gas and remains a gas (albeit at a cooler temperature) when it rejects heat to the atmosphere. And then, contrary to how conventional systems work, this gas has a phase-change to liquid when it goes through an expansion device with a subsequent lower downstream pressure. 

The refrigerated floor for the system actually acts as the chiller where CO2 is overfed and evaporates in the floor. This allows the refrigerant to operate at a constant temperature throughout the floor providing consistent superior CIMCO ice quality. The system also has two stages of heat reclaim; high grade heat available for all hot water applications; and low grade heat available for space heating requirements.

The ECO2 CHILL® Thermal Plant provides:

  • superior energy efficiency
  • abundant high-grade heat reclaim (above 1400 F and suitable for boiler replacement)
  • full low-grade heat reclaim (at 1000 F for underfloor heating, potable water and snow melting pit)
  • efficient compressor operation
  • very low pumping power (as much as 90% less energy required compared to other systems)

Today because of year-round use and construction in warmer climates, most ice arenas are faced with severe problems resulting from excess moisture. "Fog and drip" is the visible evidence of too much water vapor in an arena. This excess moisture causes building deterioration, increases the cost of maintaining the ice, and significantly reduces spectator/participant comfort.

The only way to eliminate fog and condensation is with a high efficiency dehumidification system.

We understand arena moisture problems, and with our full line of DESICON and ECO DRY systems we can provide the solution that is best for you.

A properly designed system significantly reduces:

  • fog and condensation
  • dripping from the building structure
  • lumps and bumps developing on the ice sheet
  • mold growth
  • paint peeling
  • building maintenance costs
  • operating costs of the refrigeration system

DESICONTM...Today's Most Efficient, Cost Effective Desiccant System

DESICON is unsurpassed in its capability to absorb moisture from the air. Instead of condensing moisture like an air conditioner, the DESICON system removes moisture directly using a rugged, long-lasting desiccant rotor. The moisture from the arena is continuously removed from the desiccant using inexpensive natural gas heating, and expelled directly outside. This process eliminates condensation, so no refreezing is required. Your equipment can then run at maximum efficiency, reducing energy costs.

DESICON technology is so efficient that it can replace up to three standard refrigeration units. While conventional refrigeration systems maintain relative humidity levels at approximately 75% at 55°F within the arena, the DESICON system dries the air so thoroughly that it can maintain relative humidity levels as low 20-30% during unoccupied hours. At this RH level the ice condition is optimized, the refrigeration system operates at maximum efficiency, and you save expensive system capacity and energy dollars.


CIMCO offers the largest and most qualified resource of design and application engineering professionals in the low temperature refrigeration industry.

CIMCO incorporates requirements into each design and the latest technological advances provide the greatest efficiency, simplicity of operation, reliability and lowest operating costs.


CIMCO is unmatched in its ability to provide the right system to meet application and budget requirements.

In keeping with CIMCO's commitment to advancing and perfecting its refrigeration systems and to 'capitalize on economies' for its customers, the company recently invested in Revit® building design software. Revit enables CIMCO, in conjunction with its architectural partners, to add substantial cost efficiencies into virtually any project. Any change that is made is automatically coordinated everywhere in the project, including model views, drawing sheets, schedules, sections and plans.

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  • Open drive reciprocating
  • Rotary screw and mini-screw
  • Hermetic compressors
  • Electric drive with across the line, part-wind, auto-transformer starters, or electronic soft-start
  • Variable speed drives
  • Heavy-duty industrial natural gas or propane engine drives
Ice Rink Control Systems
  • Relay logic control
  • Ice temperature control systems, using infra-red technology for the most accurate possible control of ice surface conditions
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Dedicated microprocessors and computerized interfaces to all leading building control systems
  • Ammonia, R22 and new replacement refrigerants for CFCs/HCFCs
  • Calcium chloride, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and other proprietary fluids
Brine/Glycol Pumps
  • Single or multiple pumps for energy conservation and multifloor applications
  • Underfloor heating pump
  • Jacket coolant pump
  • Heat reclaim pump(s)
Heat Exchangers
  • Shell and tube chillers and condensers
  • Welded plate and frame chillers and condensers, in stainless steel or titanium, to minimize refrigerant charge and package size
  • Heat reclaim for underfloor heating, snow melting pit and potable water
  • Compressor jacket water exchangers
  • Quick ice removal heat exchangers for multi-purpose arenas
Heat Reclaim
  • Snow melt pit
  • Hot water
  • Space heating
  • Super charger