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Rink CheckUP

As vaccines continue to roll out and restrictions relax, arenas will soon be able to welcome back their communities. We know everyone is looking forward to this moment, from kids who play hockey or figure skate, to the families who’ve missed cheering them on. Which is why we want to help you get your facility ready and your ice rink in top shape for a smooth reopening and a successful season. 


Unlike your annual closed rink maintenance, our Rink Checkup package is designed for ice rink refrigeration systems that have been shut down for longer periods due to COVID-19. It provides a comprehensive inspection and an action plan to help you identify and resolve any issues early on, and avoid the supply chain issues and shortages many industries have been facing since the pandemic began.


Booking a Rink Checkup now means you’ll have a head start on ordering any parts or products you need, and plenty of lead time for any unexpected maintenance or repairs, rather than troubleshooting after you reopen and putting your season at risk. Think of it like a practice before the big game—sure, you can make adjustments in Game 7, but the stakes are higher. Our Rink Checkup package makes sure you’re ready to go before the first puck drops.  


What is included in a Rink Checkup? 

Your entire refrigeration system will be inspected by a certified technician who will evaluate each component and indicate whether any action or replacement parts are necessary to improve performance, reliability and safety. 

Here is what our certified technicians will evaluate during a Rink Checkup inspection:


  • System – Start up and observe equipment in normal operating conditions

  • Condenser – Belts, nozzles, eliminators, leaks, water tank, pumps and fan belts 

  • Compressor – Fluid levels, seals, performance and motors

  • Fluids – All fluids inspected

  • Chiller – Operation, leaks, pressures, and brine sample

  • Pumps – Seals, leaks, performance

  • Electrical Panel – Connection points 

  • Automation – Check automation system operation


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