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CO2 for your ice rink

03 June | 11 AM EST

Tune in to hear Benoit Rodier, an industry veteran and Director of Business Development at CIMCO Refrigeration speak about the adoption of CO2 systems in ice rinks. We'll cover -

  • Current trends in ice rinks 
  • Energy consumption in ice rinks 
  • What constitutes a typical rink system
  • What a CO2 rink system is and how it’s different
  • If a CO2 system is right for you  
  • Key criteria to consider when choosing to install new or retrofit systems
  • Typical installations and performance
Download the recorded version here

Ice rink heat recovery: how it works and common pitfalls

Hear from the experts at Cimco Refrigeration, the world's largest manufacturer of ice rink compressors, on the working and design principles of ice rinks. Learn how you can add heat recovery to new and existing rinks to improve energy efficiency and lower GHG emissions using real examples.

Cimco has built 300+ ice rink heat recovery units across Ontario, and armed with that experience, will share the ins and outs of heat recovery so you can avoid the most common pitfalls on your journey to net-zero!

Access the webinar here