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All-Inclusive Customer Support


All-Inclusive Customer Support

Designed to help you achieve and maintain peak operating performance for your refrigeration system, we now offer you our all-inclusive CIMCO Customer Support Agreement (CSA) servicing program. With the CSA program, your equipment is given a thorough inspection, brought up to CIMCO operating standards, and then continually monitored to be sure that it keeps running at maximum efficiency and reliability. If equipment breaks down... it is done quickly and there are no additional bills or invoices. No surprises and no worries.

The CSA program can significantly reduce the amount of time and money spent on unscheduled equipment maintenance and repairs. It virtually eliminates equipment failure and the lost revenue of downtime. If reliability is important to you, CIMCO’s CSA provides excellent value.


An All-inclusive CSA provides the highest level of Preventative and Predictive Maintenance tools and resources to ensure your refrigeration equipment, assets, and facilities are maintained to minimize and reduce downtime. The cost of equipment failures and unscheduled repairs is significantly greater than just the repair bill you are presented with. Often revenue (and profits) is lost due to reduced or damaged product and service production and quality. This can be anything from ice rentals and unhappy customers to additional cost incurred to dispose of damaged product.

A refrigeration equipment recommendation proposal and schedule is generated that is designed to bring your equipment and systems up to the required operation performance.