M*O*R*E Programs

CIMCO offers our Customers... M*O*R*E

M*O*R*E is a program of practical, hands-on services to increase your efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness. Utilizing the skills, experience and expertise of an external supplier has long been regarded as a successful way for organizations to cut costs and focus on their core business while gaining access to world-class capabilities.


CIMCO Refrigeration offers a variety of services to give you:

  • M*O*R*E profits
  • M*O*R*E "costs" control
  • M*O*R*E production performance
  • M*O*R*E safety
  • M*O*R*E energy efficiencies


  • Basic refrigeration training
  • Industrial Refrigeration Course
  • Emergency Response
  • E2
  • Process Safety Management Services
  • Risk Assessment

CIMCO’s leadership

For more than 100 years CIMCO’s leadership and unparalleled research, engineering and manufacturing programs have put us at the forefront of industry advancement and technology development. We are now leveraging this experience to provide services and training that give our customers More Operating Resource Effectiveness.

    Facility Operation

    • Operators
    • System Monitoring - onsite & remotely
    • System controls and automation
    • System integration
    • Web enabled system operation
    • Energy monitoring
    • Energy reduction strategies
    • Emergency
    • Preventative & Predictive
    • Overhauls and Rebuilds
    • Parts
    • Engineering
    • Inspection
    • Condition Monitoring, including:
      • oil analysis
      • brine/glycol analysis
      • vibration analysis
      • system logging and trending