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Seminars & Training

Seminars and Training

CIMCO can meet all your technical refrigeration system training needs as well as customize programs dedicated to the professional development of your facility staff.

Training and development programs can run from basic refrigeration principles and concepts through to detailed programs on energy efficiency.

The various programs can be delivered in both local and remote facilities to both small and large groups. Programs delivered locally at CIMCO’s plant always include a facility tour giving the program attendees an inside view into the manufacturing processes for large refrigeration packages and heat exchangers.

Our professional instructors have trained everyone from the entry-level rink operator to experienced plant operation and engineering personnel.

CIMCO can deliver the following program or customize a program suited to meet your
individual training needs:

  • Basic Refrigeration - A four-day program that covers everything from BTUs to the compression cycle and psychometrics.
  • Refrigeration Maintenance Procedures - How to safely perform various refrigeration service procedures such as draining oil, adding oil, checking temperatures and pressures, and logging an operating system.
  • Refrigeration Programs for most Provincial and State recreational facility organizations such as O.R.F.A., STAR, ISI.
  • Recreation Facilities HVACR - With the current trend to multi-purpose facilities this program is dedicated to the operation of all the various mechanical systems and their interaction within the facility envelope.