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Every facility can have an impact by reducing emissions and conserving resources by incorporating some of the following strategies: 


Eliminating Refrigerant Emissions  

Choosing a natural refrigerant like CO2 and Ammonia is the first step. These refrigerants are free from trifluoroacetic acid (which is harmful for humans and the environment), have zero Ozone Depletion Potential, and Net Zero Global Warming Potential equal to or less than one. 

Optimizing Energy Consumption

Making small yet significant changes like switching to LED lighting, using smart technology to monitor energy use, or putting waste heat to work not only helps the environment, it can also optimize productivity and cut operating costs.  

Harnessing Green Power 

Renewable energy is the future. And the future is now. We help our customers find ways to incorporate green energy sources like solar and wind, and explore opportunities for district energy programs, or low-carbon thermal energy networks.  






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