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The facts are straightforward: Net-zero buildings make both environmental and financial sense.

And your buildings are essential players. 




As we address climate change through environmental sustainability, the traditional approach to energy generation and consumption must be challenged.  A new perspective on decarbonization is needed- one that revolves around the efficient integration and movement of energy throughout your network of buildings.

At CIMCO, we focus on optimizing the usage and distribution of energy by transforming buildings into interconnected hubs of sustainable energy exchange. 







To accelerate the transition to clean green buildings, your buildings could become interconnected hubs of energy exchange.  

By integrating your buildings, heat sources, and heat sinks, we help you bridge the gap between your heating and cooling needs, to create a unified energy system where energy flows seamlessly from production to consumption. Central to this vision is the utilization of thermal energy that is already created from everyday operations and natural sources to power district energy systems, reducing environmental impact.




With our patented technology, CIMCO has helped

Discover our trusted network of partner products and suppliers who collaborate closely with us to deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your needs. Through strategic alliances, we ensure that  (3)
Discover our trusted network of partner products and suppliers who collaborate closely with us to deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your needs. Through strategic alliances, we ensure that  (7)





A Decarbonization Strategy Built For You

Using an innovative low-carbon approach for new and existing buildings demands a holistic strategy that integrates energy efficient technology, renewable energy adoption, and advanced thermal system optimization. 

However, no two building are ever the same. This is where our team of experts come in. We work with you to assess your current needs, resources and assets and maximize their potential in crafting an customized decarbonization plan.  


How do we make it happen?



Meet the decarbonization experts



Benoit Rodier, P.Eng.

Director of Business Development

Benoit, as the leader of Cimco’s Decarbonization group, possesses intrinsic knowledge about thermal management’s impact on various building aspects. His mission: reduce carbon emissions and align with customer financial and environmental goals by devising tailored plans. 

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Hugo Barabe

Manager of Business Development, Food & Beverage

Hugo, with 30 years of industry experience, passionately supports clients in achieving sustainable decarbonization goals. His customized strategies secure capital for energy savings, enabling the implementation of facility-wide sustainable solutions. With a diverse portfolio of projects and extensive experience, Hugo brings valuable expertise to the food and beverage sector. 

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Jordan Dermo

Manager of Business Development, Ice Rinks and Municipalities

Jordan's extensive understanding of grants and funding opportunities brings substantial benefits to our clients. Her expertise play a crucial role in the ongoing efforts to diminish GHG emissions in both community and industrial settings.

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Amal Jina, P.Eng. | C.E.M | M.Eng.

Senior Energy Engineer, District Heating and Cooling

Amal, with over 19 years of engineering expertise, collaborates closely with clients, leading projects, and tailoring solutions to decarbonize energy needs. Her holistic approach excels in energy management, optimization, GHG reductions, and financial analysis, bringing along valuable qualifications and experience to CIMCO’s decarbonization group and our district heating and cooling projects.

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Bashar Naser, P.Eng.

Business Development, District Heating and Cooling

Bashar’s extensive engineering expertise in industrial thermal solutions enables him to engage with stakeholders and identify optimal district energy solutions. His diverse experience in product development, manufacturing, commissioning, and customer support adds significant value to our customers projects.


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Nonso Ubosi

Project Coordinator

Nonso is a dependable expert in GHG emission accounting and reporting, boasting a demonstrated history of success in ESG-driven initiatives. He serves as a crucial asset for our clients and the decarbonization team, offering valuable insights into sustainability efforts.


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Success Stories



Blatchford, Edmonton aims to be a model for a 100 percent green community. Installation of CIMCO Heat Pump plays a part of that mission.



CIMCO's cutting-edge heat pump technology is seamlessly integrated into the Blatchford Renewable Energy project's District Energy Sharing System (DESS). With its ability to efficiently harness geothermal sources, provide maximum heat output and cooling capacity, and seamlessly transition between heating and cooling cycles, it plays a crucial role. Each building within the development is equipped with a heat-pump-based energy transfer station, further enhancing the DESS's efficiency by meeting individual heating, cooling, and domestic water needs.

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