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At CIMCO, our foremost commitment is to understand and alleviate the challenges that you encounter when it comes to large installations. The intricacies of managing budgets, adhering to stringent timelines, and the unwavering demand to achieve sustainability milestones, all while ensuring the seamless continuity of production operations, are challenges we are familiar with. To empower you to overcome these hurdles and safeguard your core priorities, CIMCO proudly introduces the Green Series. 


The Green Series is more than a product line; it's a paradigm shift designed to redefine industry standards. Through the integration of sustainable technology and our prowess in manufacturing, we present modular units that extend unparalleled advantages, saving you both precious financial resources and contributing to the preservation of our environment.


With  50+ In-house production experts,  35,000+ sq/ft of production space and over 110 years of experience, CIMCO is well-equipped to ensure the timely completion of your project while upholding the highest quality standards.

CIMCO Green Series

CIMCO Penthouse Units

Penthouse Evaporators


The penthouse evaporator is designed to provide efficient and reliable heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.

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Thermal Force One


The net-zero, all-in-one game-changer for ice rink thermal management. Ensuring professional-grade ice, maximum efficiency, and reduced dependency on natural gas.

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ECO CHILL® is an industry-leading solution for ice rinks that takes you one-step closer to a greener future while ensuring the best quality ice and user satisfaction.


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CIMCO Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps


Heat pumps are an ideal replacement for boilers that burn fossil fuel for building heating. They utilize electricity and high stage natural refrigerant compression to heat water.


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CIMCO Refrigeration - Natural Ice

Natural Ice Package


Powered by ammonia or CO2, this futureproof system provides high quality ice and safety by having the lowest charge available in the industry.


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CIMCO Smart Transfer

Smart Transfer


SMART Transfer isolates the charge in your refrigeration system automatically when a leak is detected, or on demand while maintenance is performed. Provides risk mitigation, improved safety, less downtime, ease of use and true peace of mind. 
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CIMCO IQ Automation

IQ Series - Facility Automation


The iQ Series maximizes performance and efficiency while minimizing energy costs, further benefitting both the facility and the environment.

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Industrial Packages- CIMCO

Industrial & Commercial Packages


Custom, efficient and reliable natural refrigerant solutions that can be installed on the roof, outside, or inside your facility

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Other CIMCO Quality Products


CIMCO Snow Melt Coil

Snow Melt Coils


Snow melt coils are key to every arena and use waste heat from the refrigeration system to melt the ice dumped by the ice resurfacer.


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CIMCO Ice Rink Headers

Ice Rink Headers


The headers act as a manifold to distribute the brine or glycol to the rink floor piping.


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CIMCO Panels

Ice Rink Control Panels


CIMCO’s in-house designed and built electrical panels include MCC’s, starter panels, VFDs, PLC, and DDC panels are tailor made for the refrigeration industry, complete with CSA and UL certification. 

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CIMCO Mobile Trailer

Mobile Refrigeration Trailer


For recreational and industrial application. Precision cooling, durable construction, and easy mobility make it the ultimate choice for unique refrigeration needs.

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Recirculator Package


Recirculator packages are key to industrial refrigeration systems utilizing ammonia or CO2, and serve critical functions including: providing liquid refrigerants to the evaporators, providing surge capacity for defrost condensate, and liquid protection to the compressors.
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CIMCO Vessels



Pressure vessels are integral components of every refrigeration system, including surge drums, oil separators, economizers, accumulators, and receivers. CIMCO’s pressure vessels are designed and fabricated to ASME standards, with National Board and CRN registration.

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Pre-Fabrication & Kits


Factory pre-fabricated piping assemblies that are used as part of built-up systems on site to ensure an efficient and high quality installation. CIMCO offers standard assemblies in addition to having the capability to customize the pre-fabricated assemblies to suit any project specifications.


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CIMCO Products - Manufacturing


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