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Canada and the United States have set ambitious goals to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions
by 2050, which essentially means that our economies would emit no greenhouse gas emissions, or
offset emissions through things like tree planting and carbon capture technology. As a result, Net
Zero has become a buzzword used by everyone from banks to oil companies. While we think it’s
great that so many are focused on how we can take climate action—it’s something we all need to
prioritize—it’s important to note that not all net-zero claims are equal.




Meet Our Net Zero Specialist

Jordan Dermo - CIMCO Refrigeration

Jordan Dermo


Jordan started with CIMCO in the beginning of 2022. Since starting with CIMCO as the National Account Manager, Jordan has become a valuable resource for CIMCO’s Net Zero Naturally campaign. As an advocate for sustainable business practices and avid outdoors person, Jordan has taken every opportunity to become more knowledgeable on the role Refrigeration Systems play in lowering GHG emissions. Recognizing how integral ice rinks are to a community, Jordan continues to expand her knowledge in the Net Zero funding opportunities available to Canadian municipalities in order provide assistance where possible.




Net Zero Naturally and the Food Supply Chain

Net Zero Naturally

For ice rinks in particular, there is more than one way to reduce emissions within your facility, but if saving the planet is the ultimate goal, reaching net zero sustainably is the only logical way. With that in mind, we’ve created Net Zero Naturally, a road map for helping you get there. It covers everything from choosing an ice rink refrigeration system with an ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP), to using energy-efficient technology and the best environmental practices to consume as little electricity, water and natural gas as possible.






Many municipalities have a climate target to hit net-zero emissions within the next 30 years. Whether your rink is a new build or an established arena, Net Zero Naturally offers a 360 degree approach to getting to net-zero emissions, reducing energy consumption and increasing system efficiency with a range of straightforward and actionable strategies that can be tailored to your facility, and your sustainability objectives.

Getting to net-zero emissions won’t happen overnight. And it won’t happen without a solid plan. Here’s a breakdown of how to get your facility to the finish line.

Step One: The Big Picture

Understanding where and how you use energy in your building is key to developing a successful plan. Doing a net-zero audit not only helps identify the changes you need to make, but it also helps you set benchmarks to measure the impact of those changes.

Step Two: Easy Wins

This phase is all about actionable items you can implement immediately, from simple modifications like switching to LED lighting and making automation upgrades, to higher-capital projects such as installing a new refrigeration system that uses heat recovery and runs on an ultra-low GWP natural refrigerant.

Step Three: Deep Work

Think of this period as the back half of a marathon—it’s the toughest part. That’s why it requires creativity and planning. The work may be complicated—for instance, installing heat reclaim, building envelope changes, and other projects that require a detailed approach—but you’ll be that much closer to the finish line.

Step Four: The Long Game

This is the home stretch: full building electrification. The step involves shifting entirely from fossil fuels to electricity or total on-site power generation from renewable sources like wind and solar. It won’t deliver short-term gains like step three and four, but it makes environmental sense.


strategy behind getting to Net Zero Naturally

The strategy behind getting to Net Zero Naturally, and reducing your facility's footprint, is structured around three main areas: eliminating refrigerant emissions by using a natural refrigerant, optimizing energy consumption by doing things like using smart technology and leveraging waste heat, and harnessing green power by exploring the ways in which you can use renewable energy.


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Make informed and sustainable decisions about your ice rink. From debunking refrigerant myths to government grants and incentives, we discuss everything you need to hit your net-zero targets.

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Whether it’s a new build, or you’re making retrofits, repairs and upgrades to an existing building, there are many federal, provincial and local hydro grants and incentives you can take advantage of to fund your net-zero projects.

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White paper : A tale of two ice rinks



Renteknik Group Inc. performed an evaluation on two Quebec ice rinks within 100 km of each other, each using a different refrigerant technology: R717 (Ammonia) vs. R513A.

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Natural Refrigerants - Design Build Packages



Whether you want to build a brand new net-zero facility, or you're updating an existing arena to avoid the phase outs of HFC-based synthetic refrigerants, we have the refrigeration products and expertise to make it all happen, with technology that’s customizable, cost-effective and built to last.

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Advancement in technology and connectivity gives us a deeper understanding of product function to improve and maximize performance and output. CIMCO provides you with a suite of smart tools and expertise you need to reach net-zero emissions.

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