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We’ve installed thousands of environmentally-conscious ice rink systems across the globe.

The history of ice skating began on frozen ponds. Today, those ponds are freezing and melting earlier because of climate change. As an industry, it's on us to help make sure that future generations can continue to participate in the winter pastimes and sports we all love. That’s why the ice rink refrigeration systems we manufacture are part of the solution.

Climate science says natural refrigerants are the most environmentally-friendly choice. That’s why CIMCO’s ice rink refrigeration packages run on ammonia or CO₂, climate-friendly refrigerants with zero or negligible Global Warming Potential.



Thermal Force One




Finding the right answer starts with asking the right questions.  So before you finalize your R-22 phase out plan, use the chart in the button below to help gauge some important system factors and determine which strategy is the best fit for your facility.

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Recreational Ice Rinks  Net Zero Naturally

Net Zero Naturally


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Recreational Ice Rinks  Ice Rink Solutions

Ice Rink Solutions


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Recreational Ice Rinks  Natural Refrigerants

Natural Refrigerants


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Recreational Ice Rinks Support Service

Facility Support Services


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Recreational Ice Rinks Service and Maintenance

Service & Maintenance


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Recreational Ice Rinks  Rink Check-Up



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Smart Transfer

Product spotlight: Smart Transfer

Refrigerant hazards are hard to predict. But they can be easy to contain. Even with the best designs and safety standards, there are decisions that staff and contractors need to make in regards to managing an unplanned refrigerant leak or isolating equipment to perform maintenance. There are many safe practices and enhancements available for leak response or maintenance, but nothing is as fast and complete as SMART Transfer.

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