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                       The Sheraton Hotel, Toronto




Nobody understands cooling like we do. From design and installation, to service and repairs, we do it all.

Our goal: to help our customers minimize disruptions and avoid downtime so that productivity and comfort are never compromised.   

We know that reliability and efficiency of the cooling system are paramount to the building owners as well as the facility managers, and this is where our expertise lies. Our factory-trained team specializes in mechanical room retrofits, and cooling tower rebuilding as well as maintenance and troubleshooting. With engineers and technicians across North America, we offer round-the-clock service to our customers, 365 days a year. We're known for our environmentally-friendly approach, dependability and unparalleled work ethic, and we take pride in our reputation for completing projects on budget and on deadline.    






Our range of service and installation options includes: 


Rooftop air conditioning units

Variable refrigerant flow

Variable air ventilation systems

Water and glycol system pumps

Exhaust fans, ductless split units

Server room air conditioning

Rental chillers

Water treatment systems

Energy retrofits, and more. 


We recognize that each unit is unique. That’s why we take the time to fully understand your requirements, and all of our products are designed with careful consideration and thorough analysis.  







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