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Hear from the experts at Cimco Refrigeration, the world's largest manufacturer of ice rink compressors, on the working and design principles of ice rinks. Learn how you can add heat recovery to new and existing rinks to improve energy efficiency and lower GHG emissions using real examples.

Cimco has built 300+ ice rink heat recovery units across Ontario, and armed with that experience, will share the ins and outs of heat recovery so you can avoid the most common pitfalls on your journey to net-zero!


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VFW Sports Center, North Dakota

CIMCO’s Eco Chill ammonia package complete with three ice batteries and heat recovery was chosen from four possible system options proposed.
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University District Outdoor Skating Surface, Calgary

When not in use, the seasonal rink’s refrigeration system provides cooling to the surrounding buildings, projected to deliver future operational savings for University District.
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U.S. Princeton Day School Raises the Bar with All-in-One CO2 Ice Arena Solution

This will be the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art CO2 system ever to be installed at a North American school, paving its way to net zero and setting the gold standard for future-proof sustainability.
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