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Smart Rink Dry





Desiccant dehumidification in your ice rink means an end to fog, dripping, and mold because it is the only reasonable way to get very low humidity air and improve the quality of your ice.

A Smart Rink Dehumidifier unit has few moving parts, is simple, and reduces electrical loads by transferring the dehumidification duty and most of the latent load from the ice plant. Suitable for seasonal ice rinks, this all-electric dehumidifier includes waste heat recovery, unit energy consumption monitoring and full onboard PLC.

Smart Rink Dry


Compact desiccant dehumidifier designed to operate efficiently and effectively remove moisture.

  • 460V or 575V electric reactivation
  • 2,500 scfm


  • Rink dirty filter signal
  • Automatic humidity control
  • Reactivation dirty filter signal


  • Filter Inspection Indicator
  • Critical Component Inspection


  • High Temperature Alarm
  • Rotor Rotation Failure Alarm
  • Rink Fan Failure Alarm
  • Reactivation Fan Failure Alarm
  • Reactivation Heater Failure Alarm

Competitive features                                                                        

  • Stainless steel exterior and interior
  • BacNET & ModBUS Compatible
  • Optional Waste Heat Recovery Coil
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Whole Unit CSA Approval

Smart features

  • Remotely Adjust Rink Humidity
  • Moisture Removal Rate
  • Unit Operation Trend Data
  • Unit Energy Usage
  • Excessive Humdity Indication
  • Excessive Cycling Indication

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