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CheckmarkRisk Mitigation Sensors automatically detect & diagnose leaks

CheckmarkImproved Safety Refrigerant is automatically transferred, so operators don’t have to enter                          potentially contaminated areas

CheckmarkFast and Complete Transfer – The fastest method to safely remove all refrigerant from the system

CheckmarkLess Downtime – Shorter maintenance time

CheckmarkEase of Use – No specialized training or external equipment required

CheckmarkTrue Peace of Mind – For owners, operators and the community



Refrigerant Transfer System


Safety is every facility’s #1 priority.
SMART Transfer isolates the charge in your
refrigeration system, automatically when
a leak is detected, or on demand while
maintenance is performed. This provides
safety for operators and peace of mind for



Smart Transfer


Automatic Leak Response



Instead of relying on human decision-making to detect and/or diagnose the true severity of a
potential refrigerant leak, SMART Transfer sensors use your pre-defined safety parameters to
detect leaks. Then, the system can automatically transfer, hold and return the complete
refrigerant charge as required, so there is no need for operators to enter potentially
contaminated areas or risk exposure.


SMART Transfer Leak Response Process







SMART Transfer allows you to isolate the four (4) system stages so that maintenance can be
performed on any of the components while the refrigerant is safely contained. This greatly reduces

potential exposure risks to your staff




SMART Transfer Maintenance Protection Process




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