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Smart Heat

The Alfa Laval Smart Heat

The Alfa Laval Smart Heat is the first industrial desuperheater with a robust design built specifically for the demands of ice rinks.

The by-product of the refrigeration system is heat. Instead of wasting the ‘free’ heat outside, why not use it where you need it?

The Alfa Laval Smart Heat will provide free heat for your showers, Zamboni water and other hot water needs at your facility. It will monitor how much energy you have recovered and calculate electricity savings.

Product Description:  Industrial desuperheater that provides high grade heat.

Standard Model
  • 80-100HP
  • 110-140HP
  • 150HP
  • 180-200HP

Custom available upon request


  • Verify and optimize waste heat recovery
  • Free heat of domestic potable water
  • First industrial product for this application
  • Ensures non failure of compressor due to head pressure

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