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CIMCO understands that as the year winds down, facilities owners and managers need some peace of mind before they gear up to come back with a bang at the start of the next season, and our expertise can help you with this. As another recreation ice season comes to an end, it is the perfect time to assess the maintenance needs at your facility.




Giving your facility the care and attention that it deserves will go a long way towards ensuring that it runs safely and efficiently, with reduced downtime. A CIMCO shutdown will provide the owner, manager, and operator assurance that the plant has been properly shut down with complete reports and recommendations.



1. Examination of the plant room to detect and address refrigerant, brine, and glycol leaks.
2. Draining oil from the chiller system.
3. Inspection and cleaning of the brine filter.
4. Lubrication of all motors and bearings.
5. Evaluation of belt conditions across all prime movers.
6. Assessment of compressor, pump, and fan functionality, including seals, bearings, pressures, temperatures, and amp draws.
7. Calibration of compressor safety measures.
8. Cleaning of condenser spray nozzles.
9. Provision of a detailed CIMCO-written shutdown checklist report.
10. Written recommendations for future maintenance considerations.
11. Availability of a comprehensive asset report and planning upon request.



  • Compressor Oil Changes: Ensuring optimal lubrication for continued smooth operation.
  • Sensor Calibrations: With certification provided, ensuring accurate readings and reliable performance.
  • Brine/Fluid Analysis: Laboratory testing of brine samples for pH levels and overall condition, complying with new TSASK requirements.
  • Comprehensive Compressor Overhauls: Addressing any major repairs or overhauls needed to maintain peak efficiency.

Utilizing a thorough shutdown not only addresses immediate maintenance needs but also allows for proactive measures to enhance the overall functionality, safety, and longevity of your ice rink facility. By investing in comprehensive maintenance during the seasonal shutdown, you're ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for patrons when the rink reopens its doors.




Scot johnson

Scot Johnson Certified Air Filtration Specialist and NCT Certified Technician


Scot is the Branch Manager for CIMCO Refrigeration in Saskatoon, SK. Prior to joining CIMCO, Scot spent a decade working in the indoor air quality and air filtration industry, completing both his CAFS and NCT certification with the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA).


His strong technical background in indoor air quality and filtration has allowed him to work closely with engineers and contractors, providing expertise and guidance for retrofits and new builds. Scot also regularly shares his knowledge, speaking to industry groups and providing advanced training to various clients.
Scot has worked in a number of settings, from rural schools and community centres, to potash mines and modern health care facilities. As a lifelong Saskatchewanian, his professional travels have taken him to most corners of the province, allowing him to meet community members and see firsthand some of the challenges different municipalities face, which gives him a unique perspective.



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