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Canoe Helps The Town Of Petawawa Open Its Community Rink In Time For The Start Of A New Season


Customer Objective

Like many communities in Canada, hockey is a big deal in Petawawa, Ontario. When the team at the Petawawa Civic Centre realized the facility required a new condenser for its ice rink refrigeration system, the hockey season was fast approaching. They had a decision to make: stick with the current condenser, which was still operational, but could end up failing mid season, or replace it with a new condenser, and risk delays to the reopening. The Town decided to replace it, which meant turning the job around quickly to ensure everything was up and running for the start of the new season.

The Solution   

After reviewing several options, the Town decided to work with Canoe to exercise the joint purchasing discount available to them. The procurement process with Canoe is straightforward, regulatory compliant and time efficient. It enables customers to expedite the procurement process and increase project and resource efficiency, while using a third-party procurement platform that complies with all municipal laws and codes.

After checking internally, the Town discovered it was already an active member of Canoe, and had previously procured other goods and services through the cooperative purchasing program. CIMCO scheduled a meeting with the facility manager and relevant stakeholders to thoroughly review the process, in order to expedite the procurement phase of this capital equipment replacement. Because the competitive bidding process was already completed by Canoe, a standard quotation was provided. Once approved by the Town, the condenser was installed, well ahead of the anticipated completion and startup date.


The Result

The Town of Petawawa saved time and money. In addition to starting the season on schedule, the Petawawa Civic Centre was able to install the condenser faster and more cost effectively. (Typically, a job of this nature requires approximately $5,000 CAD on resource bandwidth, and approximately $7,500 in consulting fees.) In addition the financial savings, the project turnaround time was reduced by 10 weeks.  Here’s an estimated breakdown of where Canoe helped shave time off the project. 

infographic canoe1

The Bottom Line


Because of the reduced procurement cycle and regulatory compliance, working with Canoe was simple, fast and cost-effective, ensuring that the Town of Petawawa met its deadline and saved money.










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Canoe Helps The Town Of Petawawa Open Its Community Rink In Time For The Start Of A New Season.
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