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Net Zero Naturally

The Path to Net Zero starts at Centre Ice

The history of ice skating started on frozen ponds and lakes. It may come as a surprise, but the ice rinks and arenas where communities across North America gather today to skate, curl and play hockey, have a big role to play in our fight against climate change, which is causing those same ponds and lakes to freeze and melt earlier. 


What is Net Zero, and how do we get there?  


Canada and the United States have set ambitious goals to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, which essentially means that our economies would emit no greenhouse gas emissions, or offset emissions through things like tree planting and carbon capture technology. As a result, Net Zero has become a buzzword used by everyone from banks to oil companies. While we think it’s great that so many are focused on how we can take climate action—it’s something we all need to prioritize—it’s important to note that not all net-zero claims are equal.  



NET ZERo naturally

For ice rinks in particular, there is more than one way to reduce emissions within your facility, but if saving the planet is the ultimate goal, reaching net zero sustainably is the only logical way. With that in mind, we’ve created Net Zero Naturally, a road map for helping you get there. It covers everything from choosing an ice rink refrigeration system with an ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP), to using energy-efficient technology and the best environmental practices to consume as little electricity, water and natural gas as possible.  


One for All  

Many municipalities have a climate target to hit net-zero emissions within the next 30 years. Whether your rink is a new build or an established arena, Net Zero Naturally offers a 360 degree approach to getting to net-zero emissions, reducing energy consumption and increasing system efficiency with a range of straightforward and actionable strategies that can be tailored to your facility, and your sustainability objectives.  


The strategy behind getting to Net Zero Naturally, and reducing your facility's footprint, is structured around three main areas: eliminating refrigerant emissions by using a natural refrigerant, optimizing energy consumption by doing things like using smart technology and leveraging waste heat, and harnessing green power by exploring the ways in which you can use renewable energy. Download the plan here.

NZN Pathway

NET ZERo naturally - Webinar series

CIMCO has built thousands of environmentally conscious rinks across North America. With our Net Zero Naturally webinar series, we’re sharing our expertise to help you make informed and sustainable decisions about your ice rink. From debunking myths about natural refrigerants and understanding synthetic refrigerant phasedowns, to reviewing government climate goals and navigating grants and incentives, we’ll help you expand your knowledge in this space, so you have everything you need to hit your net zero targets.  

What you’ll learn:  

  • The connection between environmental sustainability and your facility’s operating costs 
  • Why choosing the right ice rink refrigerant system matters + how future phaseouts and phasedowns will impact ice rinks and arenas   
  • The difference between Net Zero CO2 and Ammonia refrigeration vs. synthetics  
  • Tips for making your building more energy efficient today, and in the future 
  • Emerging trends around harnessing green power  
  • Details on new government energy grants and incentives 


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White paper: A tale of two ice rinks

  • Renteknik Group Inc. performed an evaluation on two Quebec ice rinks within 100 km of each other, each using a different refrigerant technology: R717 (Ammonia) vs. R513A  

  • Renteknik used its proprietary software, the ClimaCheck Performance Analyzer, that models and evaluates refrigeration systems, to collect real time data on the refrigeration systems at each of the facilities.

  • The analysis is based on the thermodynamic principles that govern any refrigeration system, from household refrigerators to ice rinks. It's also based on actual performance of the cooling processes, independent of input from the system or component suppliers.


Get the whitepaper research on two ice rinks and a calculator to help you gauge which refrigerant is right for you! (11)

Ice Rink Technology Embracing Change (1)
Ice Rink Technology Embracing Change (2)
Ice Rink Technology Embracing Change (3)
NET ZERo naturally - Webinar series 1200200 (2)

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Whether you want to build a brand new net-zero facility, or you're updating an existing arena to avoid the phase outs of HFC-based synthetic refrigerants, we have the refrigeration products and expertise to make it all happen, with technology that’s customizable, cost-effective and built to last. 

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Advancement in technology and connectivity gives us a deeper understanding of product function to improve and maximize performance and output. CIMCO provides you with a suite of smart tools and expertise you need to reach net-zero emissions. 

Energy Grants

Governments across the globe have set ambitious goals to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The Government of Canada and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities offer funding programs to support communities across the country to adopt technology that meets this larger goal. 

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