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CIMCO 2023 Recreation Package Lineup


The Thermal Force One transforms facility operations by operating as an all-in-one multifunctional heat pump, refrigeration, and air-conditioning system, eliminating reliance on fossil fuel-powered boilers. With the potential to boost waste heat up to 175°F, the TF1 not only saves energy but also serves a variety of purposes inside as well as outside the facility. With a low-charge ammonia refrigerant and integration with green energy sources, it's an ideal solution for decarbonization. Automatic leak detection and emergency refrigerant transfer provide peace of mind, while the CIMCO IQ rink control system provides seamless automation and control to facility management.

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Packages - Design & Build ECO CHILL

ECO CHILL takes advantage of thermal dynamics and cutting-edge refrigeration design to optimize building efficiency and energy savings. Whether powered by Ammonia or CO2 refrigerant, the system efficiently captures and repurposes energy used in ice maintenance, supplying a reliable heat source for building heating, hot water, underfloor heating, ice resurfacing, and snow melting systems. With over 200 successful installations across North America, ECO CHILL has consistently demonstrated remarkable reductions in utility bills for ice rinks, emphasizing its commitment to energy efficiency.

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Packages - Design & Build Natural Ice

Experience the excellence of our natural ice refrigeration system, powered by either ammonia or CO2. Not only does it produce high-quality ice, but it also future-proofs your facility by utilizing sustainable refrigerants. Our self-contained design ensures industry-leading safety with minimal refrigerant charge. If you prefer a hassle-free option, our compact standalone system is an ideal choice, enabling outdoor installation without the need for an engine room. Embrace the perfect combination of efficiency, reliability, and adaptability with our natural ice refrigeration system, tailored to meet your specific requirements.




Speed Oval_2 Packages - Design & Build

Ice Rink Packages Brochure


View our ice rink packages to find the best fit for your arena and maximize efficiency, productivity and cost reductions.


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Natural Ice
Natural Ice
Low Charge
Smart Connected
Heat-reclaim Ready✓*
Heavy Duty
Low-Maintenance Compressor
Thermally Connected
Engine Room not required 

Refrigerant NH3  CO/ NH3  CO2  / NH3
Global Warming Potential00 -10-1
Potential to eliminate natural gas boilers  
Potential to integrate green energy sources  

*reclaims high-grade heat only



Standard System Specification

ECO CHILL Spec Builder
CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)                 


ECO CHILL Spec Builder
        NH3 (Ammonia)




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