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CIMCO 2023 Recreation Package Lineup


Packages - Design & Build ECO CHILL

Through advanced refrigeration design and smart analytics, Eco Chill capitalizes on the science of thermal dynamics to maximize building efficiency. Our heat recovery technology keeps costs low, without compromising ice quality, while climate-friendly refrigerants ammonia and CO₂ ensure that you’re net-zero ready.

Packages - Design & Build Natural Ice

Powered by ammonia or CO₂, this ice rink refrigeration system provides high quality ice, and will ensure your facility is running on future-proof natural refrigerants that won't be phased out. In terms of safety, the self-contained refrigerant provides the lowest charge available in the industry. 

Packages - Design & Build Breakaway

For facilities where an engine room is not available or desired, our Breakaway ice rink refrigeration package is a compact standalone system that is built for the elements and can be installed outdoors for minimum intrusion. It runs on climate-friendly CO₂ refrigerant. 

Packages - Design & Build Heritage

Meet our traditional ice rink package. Not only does it run on ammonia, a climate-friendly refrigerant that has been used in ice rinks since the 1920s, but it also features tried-and-tested components such as shell and tube chillers and reciprocating compressors.


Speed Oval_2 Packages - Design & Build

Ice Rink Packages Brochure


View our ice rink packages to find the best fit for your arena and maximize efficiency, productivity and cost reductions.


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Natural Ice
Natural Ice
Low Charge

Smart Connected

Heat-reclaim Ready ✓*

Heavy Duty
Low-Maintenance Compressor
Thermally Connected

Engine Room not required

Refrigerant CO/ NH3   CO2  / NH3
Global Warming Potential 0 1 0

*reclaims high-grade heat only



Packages - Design & Build Calculator



Which solution is right for you?


From ice quality to environmental sustainability to economic feasibility, there are many aspects to consider when selecting a recreation ice solution -- and you only get one chance to design it right the first time.

This brief questionnaire will guide you through the most important questions to ask, and recommend solutions that meet your specific goals.

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