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Robert Stillisano

Smoothies Anyone?

When you’re strolling by Toronto’s waterfront on a stiflingly hot day, what could sound better than an ice-cold smoothie? Well, hundreds of people got just that treat, when the “Dairy Farmers of Canada” blended up a larger-than-life blueberry smoothie that totaled a whopping 1,000 litres — a Guinness World Record!


Largest Smoothie Team X CIMCO Machinery


The Process and Action


The Dairy Farmers of Canada conceived the idea for this record attempt that would promote dairy products produced entirely in Canada, even the blueberries and honey in the smoothie all came from Canadian farms. The recipe included 550 litres of milk, 150 litres of vanilla yoghurt, 35 litres of honey, and 300 kg of frozen blueberries. But how does one even prepare and mix a smoothie of that magnitude? In this case, it took a specially designed tank with a capacity of about 1,200 litres. Inside the tank, automated arms continually stirred the mixture, and underneath it was connected to a CIMCO refrigerating system that kept the temperature constant at -1oC— not an easy task on a humid 33oC day. However the CIMCO system operated flawlessly, and provided the exact cooling required to blend the perfect smoothie.


CIMCO’s participation in the event is best summed up by Martin Dionne, Directeur Conseil of Attitude Marketing, when he writes to John Shiels saying, "Thanks again to you and your team for making this event a great success. You provided us with amazing tech support and a great team.






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