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Does Your Business Need Cold Storage Solutions in San Antonio? 


Across enterprises, cold storage capabilities are imperative to ensure the provision of safe products and services to customers. Cold storage warehouses play a pivotal role in safeguarding temperature-sensitive commodities, preventing spoilage and deterioration. These refrigerated warehouses serve as suitable repositories for a wide array of products, encompassing produce, meats, pharmaceuticals, and plasma. 

CIMCO is at the forefront of providing customized cold storage solutions tailored to help you meet your business needs, achieve your environmental goals, and fit your budget. With expertise in design-build, engineering, construction, installation, startup, and maintenance CIMCO is a one-stop solution for all your business's cold storage needs and ensuring the safety of your customers.

Whether your business requires an expansive cold storage facility or a compact industrial refrigeration system, CIMCO designs and implements industrial cold storage solutions that optimize space utilization, enhance efficiency, and facilitate seamless inventory management.








A Leader in Cold Storage Solutions for More than a Century


CIMCO has been a leader in advanced refrigeration and cooling technologies since 1913 and is one of the largest industrial refrigeration contractors in North America. While our main focus is on maintaining precision in temperature, we have a responsibility to create cold storage solutions that are eco-conscious and use refrigerants that are climate-friendly. CIMCO specializes in designing, engineering, installing, and maintaining cold storage solutions and thermal systems. We have more than 500 refrigeration technicians who are available to provide preventative maintenance and 24/7 emergency support for any issues with your cold storage facility. When you choose CIMCO for your cold storage solutions, you can expect well-designed industrial refrigeration systems and reliable support to ensure that your products continue to operate safely and efficiently.






Cold Storage Solutions Are Key for Many Essential Services in San Antonio 



CIMCO's cold storage solutions play an integral role in diverse industries, guaranteeing seamless operations. As experts in cold storage refrigeration, we acknowledge the unique requirements of various sectors, ranging from food and beverage production to pharmaceuticals, oil and gas enterprises, agriculture, and healthcare facilities. Our innovative refrigeration systems are characterized by unparalleled temperature control precision. Through our advanced technology, we ensure the maintenance of optimal storage conditions, resulting in prolonged product shelf life and the preservation of their quality.




At CIMCO, we serve a multitude of industries requiring advanced cooling and heating technology. Our expertise extends to various cold storage sectors, encompassing

  • Food and beverage production
  • Food processing
  • Distribution Centers
  • Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Pharmaceuticals and vaccine storage

Does your business depend on cold storage solutions? CIMCO has specialized in designing cold storage warehouses for more than 100 years and is capable of creating cold storage solutions for any size of business. Our state-of-the-art refrigeration systems offer unrivaled precision in temperature control and our advanced technology ensures optimal storage conditions, extending product shelf life and safeguarding their quality. With CIMCO, you can have peace of mind knowing that your goods are in the best possible hands.

Contact us    today to learn more about the cold storage solutions that would work for your business.




CIMCO’s Cold Storage Refrigeration Solutions Can Help Your Business Reduce its Environmental Footprint 


Whether your business requires a large refrigerated warehouse for meat packaging or smaller industrial cold storage refrigeration to keep baked cakes fresh, CIMCO is ready to help you find sustainable cold storage solutions to fit your needs and budget. Sustainability is not an afterthought at CIMCO – it's woven into all of the products and solutions we offer. Before starting your project, CIMCO can complete a feasibility study to determine the potential natural gas energy savings and scope out the integration of sustainable technology.

As refrigeration experts, CIMCO prioritizes the need for businesses to reduce their overall costs as well as their impact on the environment.

Illustrating CIMCO's unwavering dedication to delivering on its commitments, a pivotal project carried out at Conestoga Cold Storage comes to the forefront. In this endeavor, Conestoga opted for a customized industrial CO2 system for their ambitious 140 ft high-rise freezer installation. This installation also featured a fully automated robotic picking system, along with the addition of a refrigerated dock and blast-freezing capabilities to the existing facility. A thorough energy analysis identified CO2 as the most efficient solution, boasting a quicker payback period compared to traditional ammonia. The implemented system comprises an indoor transcritical CO2 package, boasting six low-temperature compressors and eight high-temperature compressors. This intricate configuration culminates in an impressive refrigeration capacity of 45 TR (158 kW) for high-temperature requirements and 250 TR (879 kW) for low-temperature needs.

CO2 is a natural refrigerant, characterized by a notably low Global Warming Potential of 1. In stark contrast, various other fluorinated gas (f-gas) refrigerants exhibit Global Warming Potentials that extend into the thousands. By embracing CO2 as its chosen refrigerant, Conestoga Cold Storage is poised to make significant strides in emission reduction and a substantial decrease in overall operational costs.

"We are happy with our decision to go with a CO2 system at our Calgary facility,” said Gavin Sargeant, Executive Vice President of Conestoga. ‘We are hopeful the projected energy savings will be realized in the long term. System reliability, durability, and safety are key factors in our decision to go with CO2 for the Calgary installation. If the system continues to perform well, we will consider expanding our western regions systems in the future.”



Are you in need of refrigeration for your cold storage facility, or does your current refrigerated warehouse need an upgrade? If your business depends on a cold storage warehouse in San Antonio, choose CIMCO to design, engineer, and install the best cold storage solutions to fit your business needs. Trust CIMCO to make your plant management seamless, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and maximizing profitability. Contact us today to learn more about the variety of cold storage solutions we offer.





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