CO2 Ice Rinks

CO2 is a natural, non-toxic, and non-flammable choice with no net greenhouse gas effect.   And, like ammonia, CO2 has little impact on the environment with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1. Since 2011, CO2 is has become a reasonable alternative to Freon systems strongly aligning to environmental and safety objectives of new rink owners.

CIMCO has deep roots and a strong belief that natural refrigerants are the best choice for our customers. They are reliable, efficient, and sustainable. When refrigeration technology started to adapt to accommodate CO2 CIMCO quickly took our experience installing 6000 ice rinks worldwide and perfected our CO2 system for the ice rink market. CIMCO has now installed over 20 CO2 ice rinks across North America which represents approximately 5% of all new rink installs.



CIMCO Refrigeration’s experts can help in the development of your CO2 ice rink project with:

  • Business Case Justification
  • Technical Design
  • Engineered Solution
  • Installation services
  • Building Integration
  • Facility Tours
  • On-going Preventative Maintenance

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Transforming Toronto with CO2

Toronto Ontario has the most skating rinks in the world and a bold vision to become the most environmentally sustainable city in the world.  As part of the Transformation TO program the city wanted to create more outdoor skating paths deep within the urban environment of downtown Toronto. As a mandate on all projects, Toronto engages with residents and businesses to build amenities for a healthy, equitable and prosperous Toronto.

CIMCO’s CO2 solution was the natural choice from an environmental, safety, and economical advantages.  Toronto is now has several CO2 rinks for their citizens including the first CO2 skate path in the world.

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