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The heat pump fits like a puzzle piece into the District Energy Sharing System (DESS) at Blatchford, Edmonton. The system is a key element of the community’s plan to be a model for a green, 100% renewable, carbon-neutral community. It provides eco-friendly heating, cooling, and hot water to buildings and homes. The aim of the system is to reduce the community’s energy consumption and cut down GHG emissions by nearly 75%. The Ammonia heat pump (1 MW/300 ton) installed by CIMCO handles both the heating and cooling requirements for buildings. It generates heated recirculated water for five swimming pools in the community center and uses recycled water from the local water treatment plant as its geothermal source. The pump delivers 5 times more heat efficiency compared to a natural gas furnace and serves more than 1,000 homes. Watch the video above to learn more.




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