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CO2 Refrigeration: The Perfect Fit for Sustainability and Savings


CO2 refrigeration is gaining popularity worldwide, with a growing adoption in ice arenas ranging from local community rinks to expansive international facilities like those at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Have you ever considered the reasons behind CO2 emerging as the preferred option for ice rinks?

The answer is clear: it offers unmatched energy efficiency, sustainability, water conservation, and operational cost savings.

Energy Efficiency: When it comes to refrigeration, CO2 stands out for its remarkable energy efficiency, even in warmer climates. By complementing CO2 systems with cutting-edge technologies like adiabatic gas coolers, ejectors, parallel compression, and subcooling, the result is undeniable – CO2 surpasses traditional f-gas systems with a higher Coefficient of Performance (COP) especially when combined with heat recovery.

Low Global Warming Potential: All refrigerants are assigned a Global Warming Potential (GWP) value, which measures their impact on the climate over time. CO2, as the main greenhouse gas, has been assigned a GWP value of 1. This is to make comparisons between different refrigerants easier. In the cooling and heating industries, CO2 refrigeration is an environmentally friendly option compared to f-gas refrigerants that have GWP values in the hundreds or even thousands.

A Future-Proof Refrigerant: CO2's environmental friendliness not only positions it as an eco-conscious choice but also as a "future-proof" refrigerant. Unlike fluorinated refrigerants that face stringent regulations  and phase-outs/-downs, CO2 remains unaffected and increasingly finds applications in various sectors, from supermarkets to industrial settings and, notably, in ice rinks worldwide.

Safety: Addressing safety concerns, CO2 is classified as an A1 refrigerant, characterized by low toxicity and non-flammability. Moreover, while its higher pressure levels are often miscommunicated to create a climate of fear, they can be managed effectively with stainless-steel piping and advanced welding techniques. In reality, CO2 systems operate under pressures that are well within the realm of safety. 


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Funding your net-zero goals for a greener future



At CIMCO, we are committed to supporting ice rinks in their journey towards sustainability and operational excellence. Our comprehensive services extend beyond the ice, as we assist ice rinks in navigating the complex world of grant and funding applications. We understand that securing financial support is vital for enhancing your facility's sustainability initiatives. Additionally, we provide expert guidance on selecting cutting-edge technologies to decarbonize your operations. By partnering with CIMCO, ice rinks can not only achieve their environmental goals but also secure the necessary resources to make it happen.

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